Best Ultimate Pit bull Protection Guard Dog


Best Ultimate Pit bull Protection Guard Dog 

  • Joe TANAS

    Pitbulls should never be trained against people...they can shake an arm clean off before u control them they are animal fighters... Gaurd breeds bite bite bite....bulldogs hold and shack, hunters sniff and bay, bird dogs bite soft to not destroy the bird.... Not saying they can't be cross trained but we have different breeds for what job we need done. This IS TJE POINT of all the breeds.

  • Earl hardy

    Where are you located

  • Virginia

    Too bad u are far away, I'm in canada

  • Chancey

    Does you company train all dogs. I live alone and got a new dog that I would love for her to have some of those valuable training skills. She still very much a pup will be 1yr next month. She is a boxer.